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Gay cruising in Hampstead Heath

At this point is the ultimate guide to gay cruising places in Hampstead Heath. We could explain to you the better parks and spots in our new gay cruising blog. The Heath had long been a popular place for Londoners to walk and take in the air. You’ll be able to discover loads of gay men cruising in Hampstead Heath. We’ve a lot of cruising stories to inform you involving gay sex. The Heath first entered the history books in 986 when Ethelred the Unready granted one of his servants five hides of land at “Hemstede”. You might find tons of sexy guys out there that frequent in Hampstead Heath. Whatever character of guy you are into you’re certain to notice the guy in Hampstead Heath. Over time, plots of land in the manor were sold off for building, particularly in the early 19th century, though the Heath remained mainly common land. Given our own great cruising tips you certainly will meet the cutest lad possible! I hope you definitely will have fun in Hampstead Heath!